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It is critical to choose the right inspector for one of the most important emotional decisions and financial investments that you will ever make. At Englewood Home Inspections, we ensure that your choice is the right one.
Florida now has a Home Inspection licensing law and all home inspectors have to be licensed by the state. Our license number is, HI 531. Make sure whoever you hire is licensed insured and certified by a national organization.

Serving Charlotte and Sarasota counties since 2001, we bring a unique advantage to the home inspection process. Dan Dunham, owner of Englewood Home Inspections, brings to his work a vast amount of experience as a supervisor in the construction industry. Building on that expertise, Dan has completed 4000 inspections in the Englewood area as of 10/30/2010 . Using the principle that "four eyes are better than two", Dan's wife Cheryl also participates in the inspection process by inspecting the interior and appliances etc.

Our inspections are very thorough, and include a walk through of the outside perimeter as well as a structural and systems inspection which includes electrical and plumbing.

How We Can Help You
Our inspections enable you to take control of your real estate transaction by helping you:
  • Identify potential problems
  • Survey the home's condition
  • Consider possible repairs and upgrades
  • Take measure of your investment decision
  • Experience confidence and peace of mind about your investment and any negotiations.

We Are Impartial and Work For You
Home inspections are our only business. We are impartial and work only for you. Our job is to provide you with a comprehensive, fair, independent, objective evaluation so that you can understand and take care of your valuable investment. Your interests are our interests before, during, and after the inspection.

What To Expect
The inspection provides an invaluable learning and discovery experience during which your questions can be answered on the spot. You will gain insight into maintenance and energy conservation tailored specifically to your home. We wholeheartedly encourage you to accompany us during the inspection. In addition, all of our clients are offered free telephone consultation after the inspection.